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The Company

PCBA Tools Pvt. Ltd, was started in the year 2014 under Indian Companies Act, 2013 by Mr. Santosh Das. With over 12 years of experience in marketing and Texas Web Design, business development and customer support in electronics Printed Circuit Board Assembly Machine, Tools and Consumables, Mr. Santosh Das possess vast experience in the field.

Expert Consultancy

PCBA Tools Pvt. Ltd, takes Expert Consultancy from Mr. Ray Prasad from Ray Prasad Consultancy Group, USA. Mr. Prasad possess Metallurgical Engineering Degree from Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur in India,  M.S., Materials Science and Engineering from University of California at Berkeley, M.B.A from University of California at Berkeley.

Santosh Das

Santosh Das

With more than 40 years of experience in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Mr. Ray Prasad has been responsible for developing and implementing SMT for numerous system products. While serving as a lead engineer, he introduced SMT into the airplanes at Boeing and managed the global implementation of SMT at Intel Corporation.

Mr. Ray Prasad is very experienced in ball grid array, chip scale packaging technology, and design for manufacturing and has chaired the IPC committees related to these subjects (IPC 7530 on Reflow Profile, IPC 7095 on BGA and IPC 7093 on BTC, IPC 7351 on land pattern design).

In addition to authoring a textbook on surface mount technology used at leading Universities, Mr. Prasad has published more than 100 papers and currently serves on the advisory board of a SMT magazine.

Ray Prasad

Ray Prasad

In his consulting practice, Mr. Ray Prasad provides SMT solutions for management action. This includes SMT/RoHS/BGA/BTC assembly vendor selection and qualification, expert witness in legal disputes related to electronics products, technical assessment for merger and acquisition and workshops in all aspects of SMT, fine pitch, BTC and BGA. He also helps companies build self-sustaining infrastructure in areas such as in-house engineering and operator training, process improvement and equipment selection and evaluation.

In 2013 Mr Prasad was inducted to IPC Hall of Fame for his contributions to IPC. He is also the recipient of SMTA’s Member of Distinction Award and IPC President’s award for his contribution to the advancement of electronics industry and recipient of Intel’s highest award – Intel Achievement Award.

A long time member of IPC, he is currently the chairman of BGA committee IPC-7095 “Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGA”. He is also the Co-Chairman of IPC-7093 “Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Terminations surface mount Components (BTCs) such as QFN, DFN and MLF. Ray is the past chairman of the Surface Mount Land Pattern (IPC-SM-782, now IPC 7351) and Package Cracking (J-STD-020) committees.

Best Quality Products | Reliable Service

PCBA Tools Pvt. Ltd, caters to you the best quality equipment, tools and consumables from the best possible brands from around the world. The company offers reliable and satisfactory customer support and service.

Our product range include best quality tools, equipment and consumables for the need of Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Rework / Repairing. Please explore across our product range from the Menu on the website to learn more, which is accessible thanks to The Indexer company online.

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