Automatic Solder Wire Feeder – Goot FD-100

Automatic Solder Wire Feeder – Goot FD-100 : Goot FD-100 Automatic Solder Wire Feeder

Goot FD-100 is an automatic ESD-Safe solder wire feeder that can feed a solder wire of maximum 1.6mm diameter.  It can be used in combination with all RX Series of Goot Soldering Stations.

With automatic solder wire feeding to the tips of the soldering iron, operator can do single-hand soldering. Suitable Guide Pipe and Nozzle has to be selected depending upon the Model of the Soldering Station and Diameter of Solder Wire.

Make: Goot, Japan

Packing List:

– Automatic Feeding of Solder Wire to the Soldering Tip. Max 1.6 mm Wire Dia.
– Smooth flow of solder wire.
– Compatible with Goot RX Series of Soldering Stations.
– One handed soldering is possible.
Model FD-100

100–240V AC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption


Power Cord Length

1.5m inlet type

Applicable Soldering Irons

RX-802AS (with RX-80GAS)

RX-852AS  (with RX-85GAS)

RX-822AS  (with RX-80/85GAS)

RX-701/711AS  (with RX-72GAS)

Applicable Solder Diameter

ø0.6–ø1.6 (LF solder applicable)

Solder Feed Speed

6–22mm/sec (unloaded)

Solder Feed Time


Returned Solder Amount

0–5mm (fixed speed)

Solder Feed Delay Time



82(W) × 140(H) × 210(D)


1.5kg (w/o solder)


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