Desoldering Gun – Goot TP-100AS ESD-Safe

Desoldering Gun – Goot TP-100AS ESD-Safe : Goot TP-100AS Desoldering Gun

Goot TP-100AS is a powerful ESD-Safe Desoldering Gun with in built vacuum pump and temperature control. The desoldering gun is equipped with 80 watt ceramic heater. It allows to control temperature in the range of 250-450 Degree Celsius. High mass nozzle and powerful vacuum system melts and sucks solder quickly and efficiently.

Make: Goot, Japan

Packing List:

  1. TP-100AS Desoldering Gun
  2. Cleaning pin TP-100CP-07/ Filter TP-100F
  3. Carry case
  4. Heat resistant pipe /Stand
  5. Standard Nozzle – TP-100N-10
Easy to Use – Compact design with an internal motor, pump, and temperature-control circuit built into the grip. Portable and efficient.
Powerful VacuumMaximum vacuum of –0.08Mpa (-600mmHg). Removes through-hole solder easily. Everything from through-hole to multi-layered PCB
Variable Temperature Setting Sensor feedback system allows temperature setting from 250-450°C.
Replaceable Cartridge Filter Makes changing the filter easy
Ceramic Heater with Internal SensorDesoldering time is approx. 2 seconds / 5×5mm land (with TP-100N-10 nozzle)
Zero Volt Switch CircuitReduces noise during heater ON/OFF
Model TP-100 TP-100AS

220–240V AC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

70–75W (220-240V)

Power Cord Length


Temp. Setting Range 250−450˚C
Insulation Resistance

Over 100MΩ(500V DC)

Vacuum Pump System

Diaphragm system


– 0.08MPa (-600mmHg)


Ceramic Heater

Standard Nozzle



Cleaning pin TP-100CP-07/ Filter TP-100F, Carry case, Heat
resistant pipe /Stand

Total Weight

470g (w/o cord)


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