ESD Chair – Anti Static Chairs

ESD Chair – Anti Static Chairs : ESD Chair

ESD-Safe or Anti–Static chairs are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the electronics and electrical industry and cleanroom environment that are sensitive to static electricity. These ESD Chairs prevent the build up of static electricity by grounding electricity to the earth. However, it is necessary that the surface area is also properly grounded with ESD Mat. Other Products for ESD Protection must also be used. Just the ESD Chair is not going to provide any protection against static electricity. By placing these chairs on any grounded floor mat, you can be assured that any static charge generated for any reason will be safely dissipated before they can do any damage.


  • Excellent ESD properties
  • Available in various ESD Fabrics / material (Mainly Conductive Polyurethane). Static-dissipative fabric makes these chairs safe for use around sensitive components and equipment.
  • Standard Colour: Black
  • Available With or Without Arm-Rest
  • Adjustable Height
  • Tubular MS with chrome plating
  • With conductive metal chain
  • With ESD Castors / Wheels. Conductive castors ensure proper grounding on conductive grounded flooring.
  • Also available with customized requirements
  • Ergonomic design for comfort, safety

Application: ESD Sensitive Area, Electronics Production and Repairing Area, Mobile Phone Repairing, Scientific Laboratory, Inspection Stations, Class 10000 Cleanroom Environments.