ESD Mat – Antistatic Mat

ESD Mat – Antistatic Mat : ESD Mat

An ESD Mat or Antistatic Mat is a specially manufactured rubber or vinyl mat with conductive bottom layer to eliminate static electricity. These antistatic mat can be layed on floor or table top. These mats are specially manufactured with controlled low resistance. These ESD Mats need to be grounded with the help of thin metal sheet to be layed on all four sides of the mat and then grounded using grounding coil. A resistor can also be used to slow down the discharge rate. An antistatic insulating mat without the copper layer below it would not provide any grounding.

Resistance of these ESD Mat is typically between 105 to 108 ohms between points on the mat and to ground. By using rivets on the antistatic mat, you can also connect an antistatic wrist strap to it.

Our ESD Rubber Mats are made of two layers of 2mm thickness. The top layer is static dissipative rubber and the bottom layer is black conductive layer. Surface resistivity of the both the layers is between105 to 108 ohms. This ESD Rubber mat also offer excellent resistance against oil, grease, flux, IPA and most common solvent. These ESD Rubber Mats are also light as compared to other single layer and three layer mats.

Applications: Electronics manufacturing and repairing, soldering, cleanroom environment, scientific establishments, aerospace, hospitals, medical assembly etc.