Hakko 900M-T-B Soldering Tip

Hakko 900M-T-B Soldering Tip : Hakko 900M-T-B Tip

Hakko 900M-T-B Soldering Tip / Bit is widely popular and very successful soldering tip. Hakko 900M-T-B Tip is of Shape-B (Conical Pointed) with Tip Diameter 0.5mm. These Tips are of top-quality designed for long-life for any soldering application. 900M-T-B Tips are pre-tinned with lead-free solder. Fast heat recovery for increased soldering speed.

Applicable Model:

  • HAKKO 928 Soldering Station
  • HAKKO 900M Soldering Iron
  • HAKKO 937 Soldering Station
  • HAKKO 907 Soldering Iron
  • HAKKO 701 Rework Station
  • HAKKO 702B Rework Station
  • HAKKO 936 Soldering Station
  • HAKKO 933/934 Soldering Iron

This conical shape of 900M-T-B Tip is All-round type and can be used from any direction.

PS: We are in no way affiliated to Hakko. These soldering tips are cheaper equivalents and originated from Taiwan.

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