Hot Air SMD Rework Station (Digital, Economical) – Goot XFC-210

Hot Air SMD Rework Station (Digital, Economical) – Goot XFC-210 : Goot XFC-210 Hot Air SMD Rework Station

Goot XFC-210 is a Digital SMD Rework Station with Close Loop Temperature Control. This is one of the best economical semi-automatic Hot Air SMD Rework Station available today. The inbuilt Vacuum System helps rework and repairing of any SMD without any damage to the SMD Components, Surrounding Components or the PCB. The station is equipped with state-of-art Low Heat Absorption Technology and Perfect Thermodynamic Nozzle design. The station is best suitable for any Mobile Phone Repairing, Motherboard Repairing and any other PCB with Surface Mount Electronic Components.

Make: Goot, Japan

Note: Nozzles are sold separately. Please select nozzles as per your requirement and application.

5 zone profiles available: PREHEAT 1, PREHEAT 2, PREHEAT 3, REFLOW, and COOL. Up to 19 profiles* can be saved for each of the 5 zones. One profile can be registered for HAND Mode.
– Accurate P temperature control. Heater and Vacuum switches located on the handpiece for easy control.
– Handles QFP, PLCC, SOL.
– ON/OFF interface with Preheater (connection cable optional). Keypad lock and Offset functions. lInstant cool down on all zones by pressing the COOL key.
– In Built Vacuum
– Various Profiles Available – Up to 19 profiles, each with 5 zones
– Individual profiles with specific temperature and time settings can be pre-programmed for each of the 5 Zones
Accurate Temperature Control – With PID control
Forced Cool-Down – On all zones with cool key
Model XFC-100 XFC-110 XFC-210 XFC-300 XFC-301
Voltage 220–240V AC 50/60Hz 220V, 230V, 240V AC 50/60Hz 220–240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 420–470W, 380–420W 470W 400–460W
Power Cord Length 1.1m (3 core cord) ground plug 1.5m Inlet type
Temperature Setting Range 150–450°C 150–550°C 50–550°C
Insulation Resistance Over 10MΩ (500V DC)
Station Unit
Model XFC-100 XFC-110 XFC-210 XFC-300 XFC-301
Output Voltage 220–240V AC 220V, 230V, 240V AC 220–240V AC
Air flow Meter Equipped
Air flow Volume 5–20L /min 5–25L /min 5–23L /min 5–25L /min
Auto-lift function Included
Modes 1 (Hand) 3 (Profile-Flat, Profile-Slope, Hand) 3 (Profile-Normal, Profile-Auto, Hand)
Temperature Profiles 5 Zones (Temperature and Time)
Profile Memory ( Flat,Slope)×19, HAND×1 ( Auto, Normal )×19, HAND×1
Dimensions 107(W) ×177(H)×227(D)mm 182(W) ×179(H)× 263(D)mm 200(W) ×230(H) ×265(D)mm
Weight 4.6kg ( w/o cord ) 7.8kg ( w/o cord ) 8.4kg ( w/o cord ) 7.6kg ( w/o cord )
Accessory Handpiece Holder Handpiece Holder, XVCW-SET Connection Cable with Preheater, Handpiece Holder, XVCW-SET
Handpiece Unit
Model XFC-100 XFC-110 XFC-210 XFC-300 XFC-301
Voltage 220-240V AC 220V, 230V, 240V AC 220-240V AC
Power Consumption 300-400W 400W 370-430W
Heater Nichrome Heater
Hose length between Handpiece and Control
Vacuum Pickup Integrated into Handpiece
Length 220mm (w/o cord)
Weight 180g (w/o nozzle, cord)


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