Kilews Accessories

Kilews Accessories for Carbon Brush and Brushless AC and DC Electric Screwdrivers – Kilews Accessories including Idly Rotating Torque Screwdriver, Auxiliary Arm, Slow Start Control Module, 90 Degree Attachment, Suspension Rack, Torque Fixing Ring, Torque Adjuster, Spring Balancer, carbon brush are widely used in India and worldwide and are very successful and trusted brand. Accessories are available for AC and DC Kilews carbon brush and Brushless Electric Screwdrivers.

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PCBA Tools is a supplier and dealer of wide range of PCB assembly tools, equipments, accessories and consumables offering complete range of PCB assembly tools solutions for screwing and screw tightening applications. PCBA Tools proudly presents to you complete range of Kilews Electric Screwdrivers in India. Kilews is an expert in manufacturing electric power tools, including carbon-brush type and brushless electric screwdrivers, torque meters, screw feeders and other peripheral products. Kilews products are among the best screw tightening products all over the world because of their excellent quality and low maintenance costs. Brushless electric screw drivers of Kilews offer wider torque capability from a single tool. The Brushless Electric Screwdriver with counter are best suitable for use in the dust-free environment in factories and assembly line.