Kilews Auxiliary Arm – KP-AUX1T / KP-AUXA

Kilews Auxiliary Arm – KP-AUX1T / KP-AUXA : Kilews Auxiliary Arm

Product Category: Auxiliary Arm

Kilews Auxiliary Arm is available as model KP-AUX1T / KP-AUXA. These support arms to Kilews Electric Screwdrivers function as suspension arm with a reach of 50~830mm. These are KP-VAR and KP-VA1 adaptable and can only be used only with Kilews electric screwdrivers.

Product Description:

  • Provide with the rocker arm, enable to revolve on 360 degrees.
  • Main shaft can be extended to a maximum of 830 mm.
  • Power arm inside includes nitrogen gas stick, allow user to grab the arm easily, automatic lift up to position after finishing the work.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Optional accessories KP-VA1, KP-VAR (90 degree adapter) are available for user to adjust angle in accordance with the object to be fastened.

Product Specification:

Description Suspension Arm Suspension Arm
Reach 50~830 mm 50~830 mm
Applicable Models SKD-RB75L/P SK-8 Series
SKD-RB100L/P SK-9 Series
SKD-RB120L/P SKD-8000 Series
Remark KP-VAR adaptable KP-VA1 adaptable
Note: The auxiliary arm can be used only with Kilews electric screwdrivers

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