Kilews Low Torque DC Automatic Vacuum Screwdrivers – Model – SKD-V2000LC / SKD-V2200LC / SKD-V2300LC

Kilews Low Torque DC Automatic Vacuum Screwdrivers – Model – SKD-V2000LC / SKD-V2200LC / SKD-V2300LC : Kilews SKD-V2000LC Screwdriver

Product Category: Kilews Low Torque DC-type Automatic vacuum screwdrivers

Model: SKD-V2000LC / SKD-V2200LC / SKD-V2300LC

Product Description:

  • Vacuum screwdrivers are inspired by Kilews SKD-2000LC series DC electric screwdrivers adding vacuum head. The main purpose is sucking the non-magnetic screws such as plastic screws, aluminum screws, stainless steel screws and any other screw that does not contain any magnet.
  • Any type and specification of screws can be sucked. Only the vacuum head need to be replaced by KS-2.
  • The volume of vacuum screwdriver pump is small. It is suitable to all kinds of vacuum screwdrivers.
  • The suction of vacuum suction pump is very powerful. It will be more convenient and easy if screw trays are used. The screws can be placed in the tray first and then sucked by the vacuum screwdriver.
Kilews SKD-V2000LC Screwdriver External Dimension

Kilews SKD-V2000LC Screwdriver External Dimension

Model SKD-V2000LC SKD-V2200LC SKD-V2300LC
Input Voltage

DC 24V or DC 32V

Torque 0.2~3.5 0.5~7 1~10 0.18~3.01 0.44~6.10 0.89~8.67
N.m 0.02~0.34 0.05~0.69 0.1~0.98
Repeatable Torque Accuracy (%)


Torque Adjustment


Free Speed (r.p.m) HI 1000 1000 700
LO 700 700 500
Power Consumption


Screw Size Dia(mm) Machine Screw 1.0~2.3 1.4~2.6 1.6~3.0
Tapping Screw 1.0~2.0 1.4~2.3 1.6~2.6
Weight (g)


Length (mm)


ESD (Anti-Static)


UL (Anti-Static)


CE Yes


Power Controller


Torque Fixing Ring
Suspension Rack
Spring Balancer

KL-1200 / KL-600

Pistol Grip

90 Degree Attachment

Torque Adjuster
Bit Type

Kilews SKD-V2000LC Screwdriver Bit

Kilews SKD-V2000LC Screwdriver Bit

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