Kilews Slow Start Control Module – KL-SSB

Kilews Slow Start Control Module – KL-SSB : Kilews Slow Start Control Module

Product Category: Slow Start Control Module
Model: KL-SSB

Kilews Slow Start Control Module is available as Model: KL-SSB and is applied to Kilews SKD-BC Electric Screwdrivers series. The module come with provision of adjusting slow start to 0~3 seconds with speed of slow start further adjusted to 30%~100% of normal one. These feature output signal for brake of 24VDC, 200mA and come with provision of bypass switch to stop slow start and reverse screws with ease. This control module is available in dimension of 58x95x35mm (LxWxH).

Product Description:

  • Be applied to DC SKD-BC and any Non-Carbon series of Kilews Electric Screwdrivers series.
  • The Bypass system is able to the slow motion operation when counter clockwise rotation is detected.
  • Easily loosing the screws reversely.
  • Rotation in the slow motion is 30% ~ 100% comparing to regular rotation.
  • Selection of adjusting stages: L1-L2-L3……L9-L0-L1
  • Supplying the output signals of start / break / rotation  in clock or counter-clockwise.
  • The operation of slow motion time can be adjusted to 0.1 ~ 5.0 Seconds.
  • Dimension 58x95x35mm (LxWxH).

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