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PCBA Tools Pvt. Ltd, is one of the leading supplier and dealer of machine, tools, equipment and consumable products for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Assembly and PCB Rework and Repairing. The company caters to you the best products, tools and equipment from the most popular and trusted brands in the world. Best Quality Products & Reliable Service is our Philosophy. Read More About Us.
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We have tried our best to make this website as simple and easy as possible. To find the required product, navigate across the website using the menu at the left. You can also look for products By Category and By Brand. You can also search products using the Search Box at the Top. Please feel free to write to us for Quotation or any Help & Support.
Best Quality Products | Reliable Service
PCBA Tools Pvt. Ltd., is the Supplier and Dealer in India of best quality products from some of the most popular, trusted and reliable brands from around the world. Here are few of our products:
Soldering & Desoldering Equipment: Products include Soldering Station, Soldering Iron, Thru-Hole Desoldering Tool and Station, HOT Air SMD Rework / Repairing System, Rework Station for Thru-Hole and SMD, Smoke Absorber, Soldering Pot, Soldering Bit, Accessories and Spares.
Soldering Consumables: We supply best quality Solder Wire, Soldering Flux, Rosin Flux, No-Clean Flux, Solder Paste and Solder Bar.
Torque-Controlled Electric Screwdrivers: We are supplier and dealer of Kilews Torque-Controlled Screwdrivers in India. Products available are AC Electric Screwdrivers, DC Electric Screwdriver, Semi-Automatic Electric Screwdriver, Fully-Automatic Electric Screwdriver, Carbon Brushless Electric Screwdrivers, Screwdriver Bits, Torque Tools, Other Accessories and Spares.
ESD-Safe and Cleanroom Products: We are supplier of products, tools and equipment for ESD Control and Protection. Electrostatic Discharge or Static Electricity can be troublesome and harmful for sensitive PCB and Electronic Components. We also supply products related to Cleanroom. Some of our products include ESD-Mat, Ionizer, ESD Meter, ESD Mat and Tiles for Flooring, ESD-Safe Furniture, ESD-Safe Dress and Apron, ESD Safe Footwear, ESD-Safe Component Storage Bins, Cleaning Validation Swabs, Wipers, Sterile Wipers, Floor Mat, Mop, Pre-Wetted Wipers, Pre-Wetted Swabs and other ESD-Safe and Cleanroom products and consumables.
Hand Tools & Took Kit, Test and Measurement Equipment: PCBA Tools is supplier and dealer in India of Best Quality Tools, Tool Kits and Test & Measurement Tools. Products Include – Wire Cutter, Insulated Wire Stripper, Wire Stripper, Cable Cutter, Crimping Tool, Precision Screwdriver, Personal Computer Tool Kit, Telecom Installer Kit, Compact Electronic Kit, Twister Pair Installer Kit, Laser Wire & Cable Stripper, Thermal Wire Stripper, High Precision Stainless Steel Tweezers, Clamp Meter, Multimeter, Insulation Meter, Digital Light Meter, Power Quality Analyzer, Infrared IR Thermometer, Heat Seeker Thermal Image, Signal Network Tester, Network Analyzer, Smart LCR Tweezers.
PCB Chemicals and PCB Repairing Products: Conformal Coating, PCB Cleaning Chemicals, Thermal Management Chemicals, Contact Lubricant, Resin, Conductive Pen, Flux Pen, Overcoat Pen, Desoldering Braid / Wick, Flux Cleaner etc.
Component Forming & Trimmer: Component Lead Trimmer / Former for Axial Taped Electronic Components and Trimmer / Former for Radial Raped Electronic Components.
Optical Inspection System: Binocular Microscope, Trinocular Microscope, Video Inspection System, Small Hand-Held Microscopes.
Other Products: We are also supplier and dealer in India of products like – Glue Stick, Glue Gun, Cable Ties, Liquid Dispensing Equipment, Heat Shrink Tubing, Humidity Control Storage Cabinets, Mobile Cell Phone Repairing Tools and Equipment, Packaging Products like Tape and Label Dispenser, Products for Solar Energy Companies, BGA Rework Machine, Reflow Soldering Machine, Reflow Tracker / Data Logger, SMT Equipment, SMT Glue.

Static Shielding Bag / ESD Pink Poly Bags

Static Shielding Bag / ESD Pink Poly Bags : ESD Bag

Static shielding bags and ESD pink poly bags are used to store PCB and electronic ...

PCB Rack / PCB Holder (Conductive ESD Safe)

PCB Rack / PCB Holder (Conductive ESD Safe) : PCB Rack

Our imported ESD-Safe PCB Storage Racks / PCB Holders are made from high quality moulded ...

Ionizer – ESD Air Ionizer

Ionizer – ESD Air Ionizer : Air Ionizer

ESD or Electrostatic Discharge or simply Static Electricity can be harmful in a static sensitive ...

ESD Chair – Anti Static Chairs

ESD Chair – Anti Static Chairs : ESD Chair

ESD-Safe or Anti–Static chairs are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the electronics and ...

Conductive Bin – ESD Storage Conductive Bins

Conductive Bin – ESD Storage Conductive Bins : Conductive Bin

Our ESD-Safe Storage Conductive Bins Protect your electronic components, assemblies and assembled printed circuit boards ...

ESD Mat – Antistatic Mat

ESD Mat – Antistatic Mat : ESD Mat

An ESD Mat or Antistatic Mat is a specially manufactured rubber or vinyl mat with ...