Soldron 938 Soldering Station

Soldron 938 Soldering Station : Soldron 938 Soldering Station

Soldron 938 Soldering Station is a ESD-Safe Digital Temperature Controlled Soldering Station. This Soldering Station is one of the best quality cheap and very economical soldering station available in India.

Feature of Soldron 938 Temperature Controlled Digital Soldering Station:

  1. ESD-Safe Design. Suitable for any PCB Assembly and Rework / Repairing.
  2. Digital Temperature Setting with Good Accuracy.
  3. Digital Reading for Set / Run Modes.
  4. Temperature Range: 200 to 480 Degree Celsius.
  5. MCH Solid State Element used as compared to winding element used in soldering stations of other brands and make.
  6. Guaranteed Operation of over 1000 Hours.
  7. 6 Months Warranty.
  8. Spare Parts, Accessories and After Sale Service available.
About Soldron: Soldron is a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier in India of PCB Soldering / Desoldering, PCB Assembly and Rework / Repairing Tools and Equipment for the electronics industry. Soldron make products include - Soldering Irons, Soldering Stations, Micro Soldering Pen, Soldering Bits, Soldering Elements, Soldering Accessories, Soldering Flux and Cleaner Set and Desoldering Pumps. For Price / Rates / Quotations, Please contact PCBA Tools (Dealer and Supplier in India).
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