Soldron Micro Soldering Station with SMPS

Soldron Micro Soldering Station with SMPS : Soldron Micro Soldering Station

Soldron micro soldering station with SMPS is good for places where there is too much power fluctuation. The powerful SMPS control power fluctuation so that you can perform trouble-free soldering. Best suited for mobile phone repairing and other micro PCB soldering and repairing jobs. This micro soldering station is one of the best quality cheap and very economical soldering station available in India.

Feature of Portable SMPS Micro Soldering Station:

  1. Portable SMPS Variable Wattage Micro Soldering Station
  2. New Design SMPS power supply can be used for 100V – 240V
  3. Full protection from power fluctuation
  4. Wattage variable between 4W – 20W
  5. Premium grade long lasting Aluminum coated bit included
  6. New design heavy duty cast iron micro stand with sponge
  7. Light weight & easily portable
 About Soldron: Soldron is a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier in India of PCB Soldering / Desoldering, PCB Assembly and Rework / Repairing Tools and Equipment for the electronics industry. Soldron make products include - Soldering Irons, Soldering Stations, Micro Soldering Pen, Soldering Bits, Soldering Elements, Soldering Accessories, Soldering Flux and Cleaner Set and Desoldering Pumps. For Price / Rates / Quotations, Please contact PCBA Tools (Dealer and Supplier in India).
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