Soldron Soldering Kit / Soldron Desoldering Kit

Soldron Soldering Kit / Soldron Desoldering Kit : Soldron Soldering / Desoldering Kit

The Soldron soldering / desoldering kit is a complete set kit for all soldering and desoldering jobs of single or double sided PCB.

This soldering / desoldering kit from Soldron is unique product. The desoldering bit is specially designed by Soldron so that the solder is cleanly sucked out. Easily do any soldering / desoldering job related with any PCB including PTH boards. The Specialty Desoldering bits are only available with this kit.

Content of the Kit:

  1. 1 Soldron Varitemp Soldering Iron
  2. 1 Soldron Full Metal Desoldering Pump
  3. 2 Soldron Specialty Desoldering Bits (1.2mm and 1.6mm)
  4. 1 Soldron Flux
  5. 1 Soldron Flux Cleaner
  6. 1 Soldron Delux Soldering Iron Stand
  7. 1 Soldron Sponge
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