Alpha Cookson Solder Bar – Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Solder Bar

Alpha Cookson Solder Bar – Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Solder Bar

Alpha Cookson is a leading manufacturer; exporter and supplier of world-class, trusted and widely used solder bar / sticks for wave soldering, Pot / Dip Soldering, Hot Air Level soldering. Cookson range of solder bar includes both leaded (Tin-Lead) and Lead-Free solder alloys.  Alpha manufacturers these products with the highest performance for wave and dip soldering process. All Cookson products are manufactured to ISO 12224-1 specification and test methods.

ALPHA wave solder and soldering bar metals (wave soldering alloys) offer best value soldering performance – quality solder bar metals products at the lowest cost.

ALPHA Cookson Solder Bar Features:

  • High Purity
  • Excellent solderability
  • Good wetting
  • Low oxides, low drossing

Alpha Vaculoy Tin-Lead (63/37) Solder Bar

Alpha Vaculoy Tin-Lead (63/37) Solder Bar is low dross solder bar and is best suitable for Single and Dual sided boards with standard complexity, metallized and OSP pad finishes. Alpha Vaculoy solder bar is manufactured using high purity raw materials and the alloy is conditioned using viscosity and dross lowering treatment. This result in a pure low dross high fluidity solder alloy, which is free of cast in impurities and included oxides.

Alpha Vaculoy Tin-Lead (63/37) Solder Bar Features

  • Good wetting, high fluidity
  • Reduced product usage
  • Low fillets
  • Bright joints, easy inspection
  • The removal of the finely divided oxide reduces drossing rate, the wave stays cleaner, longer.
  • Has a proven track record, no need to take chances
  • Best suitable for high volume wave soldering processes
  • Best suitable for applications requiring dual wave and chip wave systems
  • Best suitable for boards that are densely populated

Alpha Cookson Lead-Free Solder Bar

Alpha manufactures wide range of lead-free solder bar of different metal composition suitable for wave and dip soldering. Composition includes Tin-Copper (Sn99.3/Cu0.7) and Tin-Silver-Copper (Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5).

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