BGA Reballing Kit – Goot XRB

BGA Reballing Kit – Goot XRB

Goot XRB Reball Kit allows repair and replacement of solder balls on a BGA. XRB Reball Kits are customized for specific BGAs. Please send us the technical drawings of your BGA.

Also required to reball and repair BGA components: Hot-air rework station (XFC-110/XFC-210/XFC-300-301), soldering iron, desoldering wick, cream solder, and solder balls. (Sold separately.)

This BGA Reballing Kit Consists of Following:

  1. Metal Mask
  2. Ball Guide
  3. Guide Plate
  4. Base
  5. Tamper
  6. Spatula
  7. Hose (To Connect the Base with the Vacuum Source)

How to Raball BGA?

  1. Remove the existing solder balls on the BGA chip with a soldering iron and desoldering wick.
  2. Set the Guide Plate on the base, and hold the BGA with the vacuum source.
  3. Set the Metal Mask. Use the spatula to apply the cream solder to all the holes.
  4. Mount the Ball Guide. Pour the solder balls into the holes.
  5. Press the solder balls into the cream solder with the tamper.
  6. Take out the BGA from the base, and apply heat.

Make: Goot, Japan


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