Static Shielding Bag / ESD Pink Poly Bags

Static Shielding Bag / ESD Pink Poly Bags

Static shielding bags and ESD pink poly bags are used to store PCB and electronic components for protection against static electricity. Now, let us first understand the difference between static shielding bags and pink poly bags:

Pink Poly Bags vs. Shield Bags

Static electricity on the surface of a storage bag can cause damage to PCB and electronic components / parts. Therefore, it is important to use Antistats and metallized PET to modify the bags in a way so that it can either dissipate static charge or prevent the charge from penetrating the bag.

Pink Poly Bags – ESD Pink Poly are basically meant to dissipate static charge that is already on the bag or might get onto the bag. These storage bags contain a blooming tallow amine to grab moisture from the air thus providing an electrical path to ground. Static charge gets dissipated through conductive wrist strap that the operator wears when filling or removing parts. Electronic parts are then safe to insert or remove from the bag. ESD Pink Poly Bags are mainly used to protect less sensitive parts.

Static Shielding Bags – ESD Static Shielding Bags are more sophisticated than PP Bags. These bags are made with metallized polyester that acts as a shield to prevent static charge from running into the plastic bag. These bags are coated with antistat from outside to acquire the same properties as an antistatic pink poly bag. The metallized polyester is always laminated to an antistatic polyethylene so that it can be heat sealed into a bag. The bag also uses an antistatic poly inside to prevent triboelectric charging. Static shielding bags are generally used to package more sensitive and sophisticated parts that require greater protection. A Shield Bag will ground a charge and prevent penetration.

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Anti-Static Pink Poly Bags (Specification)

Surface Resistivity 1010 to 1012 ohms
Material LDPE impregnated with A/S agent
Thickness Micron 80 ± 10%
Colour Pink
Transparency Enough to see through the PWB inside
Static generation <=100 V dc.
Standard Width (mm) 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 & 450 MM with any custom length

Static Shielding Bag

Outer Layer Dissipative Polyester Layer
Middle Layer Metallized Layer
Inner Layer Antistatic P.E. Layer
Surface Resistivity ( Ref: ANSI/ESD 541-2008 )
Top Layer ≤1010 max. OHMS/SQ.
Middle (Metallic) Layer ≤103 max. OHMS/SQ.
Inner Layer 1010 max. OHMS/SQ.
Transparency 40% to 50%
Total Thickness MICRONS 80 ± 10%
Static Generation ≤ 100 V
Static Decay ≤2 Seconds
Corrosion NIL
Standard Width (mm) 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 & 450 MM with any custom length