Soldron Soldering Element / Heating Elements

Soldron Soldering Element / Heating Elements

Soldron soldering element or heating elements are available for all soldering irons and soldering stations.

Download the Soldron Soldering Element Catalog from the Top Right and select the required Heating Element for your Soldering Iron.

P/N Description


Soldron 15 Watt Element
EL25A Soldron 25 Watt Element
EL30A Soldron 30 Watt Element
EL50A Soldron 50 Watt Element
EL75A Soldron 75 Watt Element
EL100A Soldron 100 Watt Element
ELGUN Soldron Gun Type Element
EL2550A Soldron Varitemp Element
ELMIC Micro Element
About Soldron: Soldron is a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier in India of PCB Soldering / Desoldering, PCB Assembly and Rework / Repairing Tools and Equipment for the electronics industry. Soldron make products include - Soldering Irons, Soldering Stations, Micro Soldering Pen, Soldering Bits, Soldering Elements, Soldering Accessories, Soldering Flux and Cleaner Set and Desoldering Pumps. For Price / Rates / Quotations, Please contact PCBA Tools (Dealer and Supplier in India).
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