Kilews Torque Meter – KTM-10 / KTM-100 / KTM-50S

Kilews Torque Meter – KTM-10 / KTM-100 / KTM-50S

Product Category: Torque Meters

Model: KTM-10 / KTM-100 / KTM-50S

Product Description:

All these models of Kilews Torque Meters are manufactured in Japan. Each of these torque meter is supplied with Adjustment Certificate and One Year Warranty under Normal Using. Please note that these torque meters cannot be used as measuring instruments for testing Pneumatic Screwdrivers. These are best suitable for Kilews Make AC and DC electric Screwdrivers. However, they can also be used to measure Torque of other Brands. Measuring torque exceeding the torque measuring range of these Kilews Torque Meters is also prohibited.

Product Features:

  • LED can identify the test range of torque setting as needed by the user. If the result is not complying to torque range setting, light will indicate warning.
  • USB 1.0 connector is only used for data output. It is convenient for user to work with computer.
  • Auto-Zero can be selected and zero reset becomes unnecessary for user.
  • Automatic display of test values of maximum, minimum and mean.
Model KTM-100 KTM-10 KTM-50S

Measuring Range 1.5~100.0 0.15~10.0 1~50.0 1.5~90.0 0.15~9.0 0.89~43.40
N.m 0.15~10.0 0.015~1.0 0.1~4.90


Power Supply

1.2V Battery x 5


8 Hours

Operation at Full Charge

12 Hours


Rechargeable 300 Times or More

Dimension (mm)

123 x 230 x 65

Weight (kg)


Special Charger

Input AC 220~240V / Output DC 12V 500mA

Input AC 220~240V / Output DC 7.5V 500mA

Torque Measuring Adaptor x 2 Torque Measuring Adaptor x 2 Torque Measuring Adaptor x 1
SJ-10K / SJ-50 SJ-3 / SJ-10 J-50S